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Katarzyna Kawa took part in a post-match press conference after her semifinal loss.

From my point of view this match was only good up until a certain point, then I ran out of energy and made mistakes and my opponent played better and better. I think this tournament was good on my part and I appreciate the support that I got from the stands. I will remember it and it will keep me going.


This place is wonderful, I love the sea so I felt great from the very beginning. I’ve never experienced this amount of people cheering for me so it definitely is an unforgettable experience.


I feel pretty good physically but I am a bbit tired mentally. I had COVID at the end of February and I suffered pretty badly from it. It looks like my body has recovered already but I’m still not on the level that I would wish to be. This situation has also taught me humility. I’ve started to appreciate other things.


When I was younger it was a bit stressful because I identified with the expectations of fans but the older I am the more I appreciate people cheering for me instead of against me, as it sometimes happens abroad.