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Straight after winning BNP Paribas Poland Open, Maryna Zanevska took part in a press conference. She spoke about her feelings, plans and dreams.

The final score of the match was 6:4, 7:6(4). In the end of the second set, the Belgian had to show a lot of patience.

There was lots of tension, lots of stress in the end, lots of thoughts were coming in my head, especially when I didn’t convert my first four match points. Even now I still don’t believe it, I’m very emotional but I’m very proud.

It was the first career title for the 27 year old.

My dream came true. It is an unelieveable feeling. This year it will be exactly 20 years since I started playing tennis and there is a big journey behind my back. I’ve been through so many things. People say that hard work pays off. I can confirm it now.

Maryna Zanevska is coming back to training soon but she will find a moment to fully enjoy her BNP Paribas Poland Open win.

I’m going to have a dinner with my friends, who won in doubles.We’re going to go to a Ukrainian restaurant. I’m going back home tomorrow. I’m going to see my family, my team and I’m going to enjoy it and make them feel a part of this dream.

The player enjoyed Gdynia also because of her roots.

I really like this city. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to go sightseeing because everytime I finish a match the plan was to recover for the next match. I’m from Odessa and Odessa is at the Black Sea so I had similar vibes here. The tournament is very well-organised and the public was very often on my side and I could feel it. It was very nice.

The triumph was also of big importance for Maryna Zanevska when it comes to her mental health.

It’s a big boost of energy for me. I can take lots of things from this. I can compete against those players, I can make their life difficult and that’s important for me that I finally started to believe in myself after 20 years.

Asked if this success will change her life, she said:

It’s not going to change my life, it’s just an amazing memory and experience. It gives me motivation to work harder and to do better. Life won’t change. I will take a few days off and then I’m back to work. I will come back to reality soon.

This result will also impact the Belgian’s tournament schedule. She might be able to play in more tournaments.

I’m definitely planning on going to the US Open. I guess with this result my ranking will help me to enter tournaments like Cincinnati or Chicago.

Maryna Zanevska doesn’t follow ranking changes anymore. She admitted that when she used to do that, it impacted her in a negative way.

I don’t even know what my ranking will be. I’ve done so many mistakes before of thinking about points and I was so stressed about it. This time I’m going to do it differently, I’m not going to make this mistake anymore. I come back to work in a few days. There’s plenty of things that I have to improve. I’ just keep going to work, this is the key.

The Olympics are taking place at the same time as BNP Paribas Poland Open. It’s not surprising that being a part of this event would be a dream come true for the 27 year-old.

It is the goal for every player to go to the Grand Slams, to be Top 100. Going to the Olympics is a dream as well. I don’t want to put pression on myself though. I just want to only take good things from this experience.